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Kansas City Chiefs’ Frank Clark arrested after police see submachine gun in car

The Kansas City Chiefs NFL player Frank Clark was caught in Los Angeles after police saw a submachine gun in his vehicle, police said on Monday.

The 28-year-old defensive end was pulled over for a vehicle encroachment south of downtown at about 9.20pm on Sunday, said Tony Im, a Los Angeles police office public information official.

“Authorities saw a load with a Uzi standing apart in plain view in the vehicle,” Im said.

Clark was caught on uncertainty of having a hidden firearm in a vehicle, Im said.

Set up for Los Angeles area jail, Clark was followed through on Monday evening on $35,000 bond, as shown by the district sheriff’s jail detainee site.

“We think about the matter which will be examined under the NFL’s own lead system,” said a NFL delegate, Brian McCarthy.

Clark’s legal counselor, Alex Spiro, said the gun had a spot with Clark’s gatekeeper.

Clark was caught in 2014 on uncertainty of forceful conduct at home over a scene at an Ohio hotel, provoking his ejection from the University of Michigan bunch. He admitted to a lesser allegation of wild immediate.

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